I’m Ashkan Kazemi, a PhD candidate at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I work with and learn from Rada Mihalcea and I’m part of the LIT lab in the department of Computer Science and Engineering.

My research interests are in natural language processing and its applications in studying and improving (social) media, and more broadly computational social sciences. My research (so far) has been focused on development of NLP methods for studying misinformation and fact-checking.

I started my PhD in the Fall of 2018. Prior to that, I was a Technical Team Leader (among other previous roles) at TAPSI, a ride-sharing company in Iran. I led and worked in multiple data-driven product teams, most importantly in pricing, dispatch and data infrastructure. The problems at I worked on at TAPSI were on a range of topics including computational economics, supply/demand prediction, taxi dispatch algorithms and time-series analysis. Our pricing algorithms are impacting a few million drivers and passengers in Iran!

Before working at TAPSI, I used to work part-time as a software engineer at the Institute for Applied Intelligent Systems at University of Tehran, where I wrote a lot of back-end Java code. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from University of Tehran in Summer 2017, after taking a gap semester.

In my free time, I watch films and documentaries and travel to new places. One of my PhD goals is to eat at every restaurant in Ann Arbor before I graduate and so far I’ve covered more than half (I’m hoping COVID-19 doesn’t slow this down much).

If you think I can help you with anything including graduate school applications and research questions, feel free to drop me an email.